What is the Brotherhood of Man?

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The brotherhood of men is founded on the fatherhood of God. ~ The Urantia Book, 134:4.1 (1486.4)

The brotherhood of man is, after all, predicated on the recognition of the fatherhood of God. The quickest way to realize the brotherhood of man on Urantia is to effect the spiritual transformation of present-day humanity. ~ The Urantia Book, 52:6.7 (598.2)

Fatherhood is the relationship out of which we reason ourselves into the recognition of brotherhood. ~ The Urantia Book, 16:9.14 (196.10)

The ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent recognition of the fatherhood of God and the loving materialization of the brotherhood of man. ~ The Urantia Book, 143:1.4 (1608.1)

If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man. ~ The Urantia Book, 100:4:6 (1098.3)

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