Is our planet special?

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Lighthouse at Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea

In your superuniverse not one cool planet in forty is habitable by beings of your order. ~ The Urantia Book, 15:6:15 (173.5)

Your sun pours forth a veritable flood of death-dealing rays, and your pleasant life on Urantia is due to the “fortuitous” influence of more than two-score apparently accidental protective operations similar to the action of this unique ozone layer. ~ The Urantia Book, 58:2:4 (666.1)

Evolution—on Urantia or elsewhere—is always purposeful and never accidental. ~ The Urantia Book, 65:0:7 (730.7)

Your small and insignificant planet is of local universe concern simply because it is the mortal home world of Jesus of Nazareth. ~ The Urantia Book, 20:5:5 (228.2)

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