Is it wrong to want to acquire material wealth?

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There is no sin in having honest possessions on earth provided your treasure is in heaven, for where your treasure is there will your heart be also. ~ The Urantia Book, 165:4:5 (1821.5)

Riches have nothing directly to do with entrance into the kingdom of heaven, but the love of wealth does. The spiritual loyalties of the kingdom are incompatible with servility to materialistic mammon. ~ The Urantia Book, 163:2:10 (1803.1)

Jesus frequently warned his listeners against covetousness, declaring that “a man’s happiness consists not in the abundance of his material possessions.” ~ The Urantia Book, 140:8.17 (1581.4)

Those who are sure of salvation are forever free from lust, envy, hatred, and the delusions of wealth. ~ The Urantia Book, 131:3:4 (1447.1)

No noble man will strive to accumulate riches and amass wealth-power by the enslavement or unfair exploitation of his brothers in the flesh. ~ The Urantia Book, 132:5:18 (1464.2)

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