How do I find God?

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Said Jesus: "If you truly want to find God, that desire is in itself evidence that you have already found him.
~ The Urantia Book, 130:8.2 (1440.2)

The world is filled with hungry souls who famish in the very presence of the bread of life; men die searching for the very God who lives within them.
~ The Urantia Book, 159:3.8 (1766.4)

The true God is not afar off; he is a part of us; his spirit speaks from within us.
~ The Urantia Book, 3:1.4 (45.2)

If you follow the unconscious leadings of this immortal spirit, you are certain to continue on in the uplifted way of finding God. And when you do attain the Father in heaven, it will be because by seeking him you have become more and more like him.
~ The Urantia Book, 133:4.9 (1475.2)

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