Are we immortal?

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God first loves man and confers upon him the potential of immortality—eternal reality. And as man loves God, so does man become eternal in actuality. ~ The Urantia Book, 117:4.14 (1285.3)

The Creator Sons in the Deity association of God the Sevenfold provide the mechanism whereby the mortal becomes immortal and the finite attains the embrace of the infinite. ~ The Urantia Book, 0:8.11 (12.2)

The sending of Adjusters, their indwelling, is indeed one of the unfathomable mysteries of God the Father. These fragments of the divine nature of the Universal Father carry with them the potential of creature immortality. Adjusters are immortal spirits, and union with them confers eternal life upon the soul of the fused mortal. ~ The Urantia Book, 40:7.1 (448.8)

The actuality of the existence of God is demonstrated in human experience by the indwelling of the divine presence, the spirit Monitor sent from Paradise to live in the mortal mind of man and there to assist in evolving the immortal soul of eternal survival. ~ The Urantia Book, 1:2.3 (24.1)

"I will give eternal life to all who will become faith sons of God. And this is eternal life, that my creatures should know you as the only true God and Father of all, and that they should believe in him whom you sent into the world." ~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, 182:1.3 (1963.5)

"Continue to believe in me and in that which I have revealed to you, and you shall receive the gift of eternal life." ~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, 181:2.11 (1957.1)

"Cease to fear men; be unafraid to preach the good news of eternal life to your fellows who languish in darkness and hunger for the light of truth." ~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, 192:2.11 (2049.2)

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