Conference in Mazatlán, Mexico

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יום ו', 05/07/2010 (כל היום) - יום א', 05/09/2010 (כל היום)

10th National Conference

36th Regional Reunion, 9th Reunion of the 3 Americas of Urantia Book Readers

Organized by Grupo Orvontón, A.C. & The UB Fellowship Readers

Guest Country: Mexico

Multilingual Conference in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

Theme: Local Universe Mother Spirit

In Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico From May 7th -9th, 2010

More Information at:

        Cell   0052 1 8115002958

        Office  0052 81 83172943

        Agustín Arellano Tirado  [email protected]

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גרסה מתאימה להדפסהגרסה מתאימה להדפסה

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