Bringing a Revelation to Urantia: A Grand Partnership

Sat, 05/20/2023 - 01:00

Please join Marilynn Kulieke and Gard Jameson as they focus on the topic of 

Bringing a Revelation to Urantia: A Grand Partnership

DATE: Saturday, May 20

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Since the Urantia Papers were published in 1955, there have been many accounts of the events that brought The Urantia Book to our world. Most look at the origin of the Urantia Papers from a human perspective—creating a framework of origin based on human events. But between the covers of The Urantia Book lies an origin story from a revelatory perspective. It was not in one section or even a single paper, but when intertwined with the human framework a new story emerged. A story of an amazing partnership between the human and divine; a partnership which depended on total commitment, secrecy, and overcoming the circumstances faced by those that participated.


Marilynn has been reading The Urantia Book since she was introduced to the book in 1972 by her late husband, David, whose family had been involved in the Urantia project since the early 1930s.

She has been active in a number of Urantia organizations. Marilynn served on the Urantia Book Fellowship Executive Committee for 18 years, chairing the international conference in 1987. She has worked on a number of education projects, and continues her work on a teacher training initiative.

A trustee of Urantia Foundation since 2007, Marilynn currently serves as vice president. She chairs the Translation Committee, is co-chair of the Standard Reference Text Committee, and is a member of the Education and Public Relations Committees. She said: “I am fascinated by the topic of service and the tremendous personal growth that can come about from each effort we make to love and serve others.”

Marilynn received a doctorate in Educational Psychology from Northwestern University. Her belief in the importance of education has led her to positions in educational research, evaluation, and school success initiatives throughout the United States. She currently is a partner in GAINS Education Group and consults with schools and districts needing support.

Marilynn lives in Lincolnshire, Illinois, with her mischievous dog Bernie. Three children and five grandchildren ranging in age from 4 to 19 live nearby. Watching them grow and change has been one of the most gratifying experiences of her life.


Gard bought a copy of The Urantia Book in 1972 while studying comparative religion at Stanford University. His first impression was that it was like no other book that he had been familiar with in either philosophy or religion. He says that, “Reading The Urantia Book for the first time was the beginning of a pilgrimage of discovery, the beginning of the realization that God has a will for each of our lives. This pilgrimage is the greatest adventure that one could ever imagine.”

After 25 years as a certified public accountant and financial planner, Gard returned to college to obtain a PhD in comparative religion at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. He has published three books having to do with the epic narratives of China, India, and the West, and has been teaching Chinese and Indian philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for the last 20 years.

Gard has been a beloved trustee and treasurer of Urantia Foundation since February of 1998. He is the co-founder of the Children's Advocacy Alliance, the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada, the Nevada Community Foundation, and with his wife, Florence, Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, a free and charitable healthcare clinic for those without access to healthcare.

Gard launched Compassionate Las Vegas for non-profit leaders working with marginalized, underserved populations. He also serves on the boards of the Global Charter for Compassion and the Alf Museum of Life in Claremont, CA. Most recently, Gard joined the board of the Jeremiah Program, a national nonprofit with one of the most successful strategies for disrupting generational poverty among single mothers and their children.

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