UBIS Spotlight Series: Morontia Now, The Key to Eternity

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Sat, 12/16/2023 - 12:00

Please join Chuck Thurston as he focuses on the topic of

Morontia Now, The Key to Eternity

DATE: Saturday, DECEMBER 16

TIME: 11 am Central Time

ZOOM LINK: https://urantia-org.zoom.us/j/7735253319

Meeting ID: 773 525 3319

Please log in ten minutes before the scheduled time.

Chuck began his study of The Urantia Book in the mid-1970s. After exploring many other sources of spiritual insight, the discovery of The Urantia Book and its teachings marked the beginning of a new and profoundly life-changing growth in understanding of the nature of God and the meaning of our existence. Over the years since then, Chuck has been closely involved with the international community of readers and students of the revelation and has offered many workshops and presentations at annual conferences and other gatherings.

Chuck is a co-host on the Saturday morning Cosmic Citizen Blogtalk Radio broadcast. He has taught classes through UUI, and is working with Derek Samaras on the production of UBN Urantia Book Network video podcasts on a variety of Urantia Book-related topics. He is also a digital artist and photographer, and has given many talks and workshops at Burning Man

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