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Book Sales

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Book Sales

Since the first of the year when our new policies for the sale of The URANTIA Book became effective, book sales are up slightly over last year. However, it is really too soon to attempt any significant evaluation of the new policies. Toward the end of the year, a formal study will be made.

Some initial observations are interesting and worth noting, but, again, are inconclusive at this point in time. As mentioned, over-all sales to bookstores are up slightly. This includes some new business with bookstores and one major book distributor. Sales to individuals for five or more books at the new 25% discount are up over last year's sales at the 20% discount. Only a few URANTIA Societies have taken advantage of the 40% discount for 10 or more books up to 245 books per year. This discount to societies was intended to give them the opportunity to have some books at a greater discount for service projects. Examples are putting books in bookstores on consignment, selling to readers who wanted extra loan and gilt copies, helping the financially handicapped, or whatever other projects they might create and for which having some books at the greater discount would be helpful.

Sales of the French translation, Le Livre d'URANTlA, have leveled off as it appears the strong backlog of demand has now been satisfied. Sales of the French translation were just over 3,200 for 1982. Combined with the over 7,000 English books sold, the total of URANTIA Books sold for 1982 was over 10,000 copies.

A final comment indirectly related to book sales concerns the program by which URANTIA Books are placed in libraries. The program is being conducted by the Domestic Extension Committee of URANTIA Brotherhood. We believe placing books in libraries is very important for the future spread of these teachings and we strongly encourage you to participate in this project if you are looking for a way to be of service. We receive an increasing number of inquiries from people who were browsing in the library and noticed the book. Also, it is helpful to be able to refer an interested person to your local library to look at a copy of the book. While the committee is doing a great job, we know that they still cannot find enough people to help and would welcome your participation.