Types of Gifts

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A simple bequest is the most common way to make a gift through your estate plan. You can provide make a gift of a specific dollar amount, property, percentage of your estate, or what is left after providing for your loved ones. You may also specify an area or program that the Foundation offers that is dear to you as the beneficiary of your generosity. Your advisor will advise you on whether it is necessary to re-write your will or whether a simple codicil will suffice.

Life Insurance or Retirement Plans

Another straightforward and popular gift results from naming Urantia Foundation as the beneficiary of an insurance policy on your life. You might also name the Foundation as beneficiary of your retirement account {IRA, Keough, 401(k)} or pension fund.

Other Planned Gifts

Your advisor and our staff also would be pleased to discuss gifts of appreciated stock, various charitable trusts, and charitable annuities. Many gift choices are available, some of which might have the added benefit of saving you taxes.

Named Endowments

Honoring an individual or family provides perpetuity of your values by being associated with the mission of Urantia Foundation forever. A named endowment fund may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000 and may be "reserved" for five years enabling the donor time to gift the qualifying amount.

Typically, named endowments match the interests of the named person with an area or service of the Foundation. We are flexible and innovative, some current areas of interest might include:

  • Endowments for underprivileged populations in the United States who may not be able access a copy of The Urantia Book. Designations may include printing, distribution and readings of the Book.
  • Endowments to provide translations of The Urantia Book, the website and for readings and resources in countries throughout the world.
  • Endowments to support education scholarships and continuing education for those interested in further study of The Urantia Book.

Please contact us for examples of existing endowments for which we are currently thankful.

Foundation Info

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