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What is The Kingdom of Heaven?

The kingdom of heaven is neither a social nor economic order; it is an exclusively spiritual brotherhood of God-knowing individuals. True, such a brotherhood is in itself a new and amazing social phenomenon attended by astounding political and economic repercussions. (1088.3) 99:3.2

What about Sin and Evil?

"Evil is the unconscious or unintended transgression of the divine law, the Father's will. Evil is likewise the measure of the imperfectness of obedience to the Father's will. Sin is the conscious, knowing, and deliberate transgression of the divine law, the Father's will. Sin is the measure of unwillingness to be divinely led and spiritually directed. Iniquity is the willful, determined, and persistent transgression of the divine law, the Father's will.

What is Worship?

True religious worship is not a futile monologue of self-deception. Worship is a personal communion with that which is divinely real, with that which is the very source of reality. Man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best. (2095.6) 196:3.22

What is Prayer?

Aside from all that is superself in the experience of praying, it should be remembered that ethical prayer is a splendid way to elevate one's ego and reinforce the self for better living and higher attainment. Prayer induces the human ego to look both ways for help: for material aid to the subconscious reservoir of mortal experience, for inspiration and guidance to the superconscious borders of the contact of the material with the spiritual... (997.3) 91:3.5

After reading the book, do I have to give up practicing a religion that does not conform to the teachings?

You may recall in your reading of Paper 141, Section 5 (1591.6) 141:5.1 entitled "Spiritual Unity" that Jesus proclaimed spiritual liberty through unity but not uniformity. He reiterated that it is not necessary or even possible that everyone must see or feel or think alike.

Is there only one true religion?

There are many, many religions which are active on Urantia. Many of them claim to be the "only one true religion," but that would not make much sense, would it? They cannot all be the only true religion, but even so, all have their value. From The Urantia Book:

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