Further Studies

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The Urantia Book - Further Studies


Truthbook.com was created for visitors to discover and explore the many exquisite facets of The Urantia Book, and especially Part IV, The Life and Teachings of Jesus. The site is visually beautiful, featuring a wonderful online Gallery of images and quotes including timeless masterpieces of Jesus and Angels. The best loved feature of Truthbook.com is the free daily inspirational quote subscription called, Quote of the Day. Each inspiring and thought provoking daily quote from The Urantia Book is matched with a lovely image and can be personalized and sent as an e-card. The site also provides a comprehensive discussion board which, among other things, includes interactive questions and answers, announcements on conferences and study groups and a place to offer and request prayers. Truthbook.com also offers current spiritual news, dozens of topical studies from The Urantia Book, and much, much more.

The Urantia Book Fellowship

Through worldwide support of study, dissemination, and reader services, Fellowship members seek understanding among all readers of The Urantia Book and the peoples of the world. The Fellowship is committed to the ideal of spiritual unity, which embraces individual diversity, as embodied in the teachings of The Urantia Book

Urantia Association International

UAI is a membership organization that serves all readers of The Urantia Book around the world. our mission is to foster in-depth study of the text of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings to all mankind. 

The Urantia Book Historical Society

Promotes and fosters an awareness and appreciation of The Urantia Book through its heritage, origins, background, development, and general history.

The Urantia Book Historical Society Library makes available to the public--the history of The Urantia Book Movement. The scope of the UBHS collection on-line digital library includes records of individual expressions about the teachings in The Urantia Book and organizations who solely purpose is the study and disseminate of the teachings of The Urantia Book.

Foundation Info

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